• Tips for Groomsmen | Bride's Planning Guide

  • This post contains affiliate links. You can read my FTC disclosure here.Groomsmen have the ever-important job of keeping the groom relaxed and calm throughout the wedding day.  They are one of most fun aspects of my job, so long as I keep them in line and they don’t get too rowdy!  I love joking[...]
CU at Home's One Winter Night
  • CU at Home's One Winter Night

  • This year's CU @ Home "One Winter Night" event raised more than $220,000 for the organization that strives to help our friends without an address.  More than 200 "box dwellers" slept outside on a cold February night to raise money for the organization and awareness about homelessness. In the event'[...]
Tips for Ushers | Bride's Planning Guide
  • Tips for Ushers | Bride's Planning Guide

  • My list of tips for ushers is very short, as the job description for ushers is also very short! Ha ;)  I find sometimes that my couples don’t have ushers and they have the groomsmen pull double duty.  Ushers can be a great part of the wedding though, and it’s a great way to get a few more friends an[...]
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