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  • Champaign business headshots photographer

  • Earlier this week I spent a little time with my good friend Emily to get some new headshots for her photography business to really match her brand and personality.  She loves maroon (as evidenced by the hair and cute top!) and has incorporated it into her business and lifestyle.  She's also very fon[...]
  • My Own Headshots | Midwest wedding photographer

  • While in Indianapolis for the Reset Conference, I participated in a headshot exchange with my friends Kristin, Heather & Beth.  And a few months prior to the Conference, the staff all got together at my friend Kellie's studio to do team and individual headshots for marketing purposes (those are [...]
  • Stephanie's graduating! | Urbana portrait photography

  • There's this "rule of 7" in my family that went for a full 49 years before it got broken. But starting with my mom's oldest sister, my aunts, mom and most of my female cousins on my mom's side are separated by 7 years, including my sister and me. It's kind of a neat thing if you ask me.Speak[...]