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The Photography
  • The Photography "Golden Hour"

  • What’s “golden hour” you ask? It’s the hour just before the sun sets under the horizon, also known as a photographer’s favorite time of day & type of light. I usually will look up the exact sunset time before any session or wedding so I can plan the start time and know how much light I will have t[...]
Andrea + Wes | Old Hollywood engagement photos | Urbana
  • Andrea + Wes | Old Hollywood engagement photos | Urbana

  • This girl. We go back a few years. :) I was looking for a place to live and happened upon a Craigslist ad of a girl with a house looking for a roommate or two. And it was only about a mile straight down the street from where I currently lived! We hit it off immediately and I lived with her for cl[...]
Ainsley + Kip | Champaign Porter Park and downtown engagement