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  • New Sample Albums | Wedding + Senior

  • I just got in a large shipment of new sample albums, plus one client album (not shown). I love the look and especially the feel of each of these albums and invite all current and future clients to make an appointment to stop in and see them. There are a ton of great cover and page options now and I[...]
  • Green boa sample flushmount wedding album

  • I squealed with delight when I got the email notification from Forbeyon that my sample album was on its way! I tracked it at least twice a day then until it arrived. I was on my way to the studio and nearly running late, but I swung by my house to pick it up so I'd have it to show at a wedding c[...]
  • She's my cherry pie | Forbeyon linear bound album

  • I am IN LOVE with this new sample album I received from Forbeyon yesterday. This album was necessary for a few different reasons: 1) I was drooling over the new 2010 eco materials Forbeyon recently released, 2) I needed a sample boudoir album, and 3) I wanted to try one of their non-flushmount pr[...]
  • New album options | Flushmount wedding albums

  • What's in the pretty blue box, you say? I'm glad you asked! Just this week I got in my brand-spankin'-new album cover swatches from Forbeyon. They are 3x3" pieces of the actual material that can be used on any of my flushmount wedding albums. They have some fun names like Cherry Pie and Boa an[...]