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  • Adoption Hearing | Champaign County Courthouse

  • Photographers often talk about “capturing moments” and being there for important life events and milestones.  Every once in a while I get the opportunity to photograph something truly special where I can really see that what I do matters.  Weddings and births always fit that bill, but in February I [...]
  • Casey + David | Urbana courthouse wedding + Helms Park

  • If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know that I’m a sucker for a lovely courthouse wedding! I just can’t get enough of them! It’s like a perfect little lunch hour for me, packed full with love, a small gathering of family + friends, maybe a few details to photograph, and usually a li[...]
  • Tong + Andrew | Urbana courthouse wedding photography

  • I had a nice little Monday a couple weeks ago when I met up with Tong + Andrew and their parents, plus 4 friends at the courthouse for their wedding ceremony. Tong cried, Andrew wiped her tears. The judge even let us take a couple family pictures in front of the bench. Then we used the remaining [...]
  • Stephanie + Robert | Champaign County Courthouse wedding

  • It's no secret that I love weekday courthouse weddings! I do so much of my photography work on weekends, so when I get the chance to shoot on a weekday, and over the lunch hour no less, I jump at the chance! As always, the lighting in the courthouse is terrible, but we make it work, and it's actua[...]