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Wedding Cake Tips from a Cake Decorator
  • Wedding Cake Tips from a Cake Decorator

  • One of cake decorators whose work I photograph the most is Lori from Cakes by Lori.  Her office is based out of the Hawthorn Suites in Champaign, and she answered a few questions for me pertaining to wedding cakes.  I've also shared a few of her creations that I've photographed (and tasted!!!) in th[...]
  • What happens after the wedding?

  • Your vows have been shared. The marriage certificate is signed.  The cake has been cut, top layer carefully wrapped in layers upon layers of plastic wrap to save for another year.  Your guests have all returned home with full bellies, aching feet, and possibly a slight hangover.  You’re so happy!  Y[...]
  • We've booked our wedding photography... now what?

  • Congratulations!  If you’ve booked me as your wedding photographer, chances are you already have your church and reception site booked as well, so the biggest hurdles are out of the way!  You have the bling, the spouse, and the perfect date!  You may even have a few other big decisions or vendors ta[...]
  • Pear Tree Estate | Green + Gold Tasting Event

  • Last Friday I spent an hour or so at the always lovely Pear Tree Estate photographing their space, setup and details prior to one of the tasting events. I don't think I've seen this particular color scheme at PTE, and I immediately fell in love with the way the gold and green elements meshed toget[...]
Using off-camera flash | Tips for photographers
  • Using off-camera flash | Tips for photographers

  • Most photographers start out as “natural light” photographers. This means that they use only the light available to them to photograph their subjects. They will often use natural reflectors, such as sidewalks, white walls, mirrors, etc to help “light” the subject, or will sometimes use a photograp[...]
  • The Photography "Golden Hour"

  • What’s “golden hour” you ask? It’s the hour just before the sun sets under the horizon, also known as a photographer’s favorite time of day & type of light. I usually will look up the exact sunset time before any session or wedding so I can plan the start time and know how much light I will have t[...]
How My Business Has Evolved with Technology
  • How My Business Has Evolved with Technology

  • I started my business more than 10 years ago when my cousin asked me photograph his wedding. Dave + Val celebrated their 10th anniversary in October -- so happy for them! I had previously worked for another photographer (not in a wedding capacity really, though) for 2 years, and sort of knew my[...]
From Birth Photography to Fresh 48 Sessions
  • From Birth Photography to Fresh 48 Sessions

  • I have had the distinct pleasure of photographing several births since I started doing them a few years ago. I have limited them as much as possible and tried to accept them only in my non-busy seasons, but due to the nature of birth, they obviously cannot be scheduled. :) Those babies just always[...]
Champaign wedding photographer | Goals for 2017
  • Champaign wedding photographer | Goals for 2017

  • My friend Emily did a blog post about her 10 goals for 2017, and I loved the idea so I’m borrowing it!! I got much wordier here than I normally do, so bear with me. :)Book 1-2 destination weddings Let me be clear — I *love* all the Illinois weddings I have done (plus one just a tiny bit i[...]
  • Fieldhouse 219 | Monticello bar + grill food photography

  • When Fieldhouse 219 bar owner Michelle told me she wanted to get some food photos and updated headshots of her and her bar, I was all in! Then she told me that she'd purchased a mini session package I had donated for a fundraiser that was held at her bar a few months ago, and I can't think of a bet[...]